Concept Engineer (m/f)

Poslodavac:Rimac Automobili d.o.o.
Kategorija:Elektrotehnika, Strojarstvo i brodogradnja, Zanatska zanimanja i proizvodnja
Mjesto rada:Sveta Nedelja
Rok prijave:28.07.2017.

O poslu

Opis radnog mjesta:Rimac Automobili provides technology solutions for various customers and applications. In most of the cases, our customers are other car manufacturers, but we also receive a lot of inquiries from other industries. The Concept Engineer has the exciting job of defining overal vehicle arhitectures, powertrain layouts and high-level specifications of the main components during the aquisition phase.

The candidate for this role must have a good understanding of vehicle arhitectures (both mechanical and electrical), vehicle packaging and the relation between powertrain chatacteristics and overall vehicle performance.

1) Responsibilities

• Providing overall vehicle definitions and system layouts. Defining key characteristics and functionalities for each component/function and defining development requirements
• Managing and evaluating the range of available components (internally and externally on the market) and selecting the most appropriate ones
• Packaging components in CAD software and defining their interface
• Defining Bill of Materials (BOM) documents, as well as usage and installation instructions (operating boundary conditions for various systems, installation manuals, wiring schematics, etc.)
• Providing support to assembly and testing teams during product operations

2) Work Tasks

• Generate powertrain and vehicle arhitectures based on customer input
• Provide project timing and resource requirements so that the acquisition team can generate detailed plan and quotations
• Deliver target specifications for internal component R&D and external suppliers
• Lead hand-over between Concept Engineering and Project Management
• Defining validation tests
• Supervising the testing of finished products and systems
Vrsta posla:stalni radni odnos, rad na određeno vrijeme
Županija:Zagrebačka županija

O zaposleniku

Znanja i kvalifikacije:3) Required Skills & Competencies

• Extensive experience in the development and integration of products in the automotive sector
• Good knowledge of production technology
• Broad experience in engineering
• Understanding of electro-mechanical components
• Knowledge of multiple languages

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Naziv poduzeća:Rimac Automobili d.o.o.
Adresa:Ljubljanska 7, 10431 Sveta Nedelja
Županija:Zagrebačka županija

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